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2023's Best Beauty Gadgets

Thanks to a new generation of pro skincare devices, some of the world’s most popular in-clinic treatments can now be done from the comfort of our humble abodes.

Together with leading e-tailer for all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle, NET-A-PORTER's Global Beauty Director Newby Hands reveals a curation of best high-tech beauty tools.

Roll on with Microneedling

Seemingly painful and scary, microneedling is actually multi-purpose treatment that is collagen-stimulating, great for general skin rejuvenation, it treats textural issues dealing with pores, acne scars, wrinkles, tightening sagging skin, and more. Besides, it can be paired up with existing topical treatments in your regime. Below, Newby Hands points us to the benefits from acne scars to hair loss. Microneedling is a hugely popular in-spa and clinic treatment by creating micro-damage to stimulate more collagen growth. These in-bathroom versions, allowing products to be better absorbed. Unlike other home needling kits, you can’t overdo it – so the skin will be dewy and refreshed, not sore and reactive.”

Glow for go with LED Masks

While layering skincare is usually a great thing, our creams and makeup (especially anything with SPF) act as a barrier and literally block the light. To get around this, think light as a straightforward ingredient. Drug-free with practically no downtime, LED (red light) penetrates the skin to help repair the cells. Layer a light serum under while in use and save your actives for after a treatment, when the face is warm and the blood circulation is stimulated for best results. The standout stars of our at-home regimen, these fuss-free, pain-free, science-backed devices…are a great way to improve your skin’s tone and texture. Using Nasa-approved technology, they can now be used to treat breakouts, encourage healthy hair growth, stimulate collagen production, and work on the face and body" Hands states. 

Work out with Electrical Muscle Stimulation

This well-established technology to firm and define contours works deep to hold muscles to a degree not otherwise physically possible – and, now, with these at-home tools, you get the same effects for the face. Low on glamor but high on efficacy, electrical muscle stimulation takes some getting used to (it can clench the jaw so hard you literally can’t move a muscle), so start low and build up. Every little helps. Vibration is an excellent tool for helping your skincare work harder. And these particular tools have been designed to replicate in-clinic treatments, combining vibration with acoustic sound waves and hot and cool massage. To make the most of these vibrational benefits, cleanse and then apply a layer of serum before using the tools, Hands says.”

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