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5 Free Fitness Trials In Singapore

Try before you buy.

Sure, you get a tour round the gym and sure, droves of people say its wonderful but how do you really know if that gym you are about to spend hundreds of dollars by signing up to is really for you? Well, by trying it out before you sign up to anything of course, and here is the ultimate guide to who lets you try before you buy in Singapore. 



You would have had to be living under a fitness rock not to have heard of UFIT. Enjoying a cult-like following, the personal trainer centric gym has several locations across Singapore and offers over 70 bootcamps per week. What's more, once you are a member of UFIT, they also help you with nutrition and motivation - essential for anyone looking for a new year, new you makeover. When it comes to free trials, they offer one free crossfit, gym or bootcamp session. 


Gold's Gym

Don't let the name fool you - this isn't the same gym as you have seen muscle head's talk about in the US, this is quite something else altogether. With 12 outlets island wide, they offer everything from fat loss, pre-wedding looks to bulking up programmes for men and have a wide range of personal trainers if you want a more focused work out. Free trials come in the form of one personal training session where they will not only take you around the gym and give you a dedicated 60-minute workout, but will also talk to you about your fitness goals and give you a personalised assessment. 


Real Yoga

What's better than one free trial? Why two free trials of course, and that's exactly what you get from Real Yoga. With four studios islandwide, Real Yoga offer everything from Bikram, Core Yoga, Power Yoga and Hatha Classic.


Amore Fitness

One for just the ladies, Amore Fitness is more of a holistic wellness service, offering a range of classes and even a spa. In their ten outlets, they have classes ranging from cardio to dance, personal training facilities and a fully stocked gym. Once you have done with your workout, why not head on over to the spa for a facial or deep tissue massage to work out those aching muscles. Amore Fitness' free trial works in the way of one full day pass so you can experience as many classes as you like to fully get a feel of their facilities. 


Fitness First

One of Singapore's larger fitness chains, Fitness First have over 20 outlets across the island. The ideal gym if you fancy just popping by whenever you can, they also offer ad hoc classes in the likes of bodypump, power moves and yoga. Free passes for Fitness First come in the way of a one day all access pass so you can enjoy as many services and classes as you desire. 


While we are on the subject of gyms, here are our five best in the CBD.

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