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5 Reasons Why The Apple Watch Hermès Is Perfect For Business Leaders

The latest smartwatch from Apple is chock-full of new functionalities and paired with an Hermès strap, it is one of the more stylish ones on sale.

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Makes tracking your exercise easier
One of the frustrations users had with the original Apple Watch was that it still relied heavily on connectivity to the iPhone, which meant that if you wanted to go for a run with it, you had to you’re your phone with you. The Apple Watch Series 2 comes with built-in GPS that remedies that problem. It also comes with built-in memory to store music playlists to keep you entertained while you attempt to meet your 10 kilometre running goals.

It is waterproof
Yes, technically you can swim with your Apple Watch Hermès. But before you do so, we’d suggest you swap your Hermès strap for a more water resistant rubber one. Though the Apple Watch Series 2 is waterproof to 50m, soaking your lovely leather strap from Hermès isn’t particularly recommended.

Siri makes for a decent personal assistant
With constant updates being made to the Apple WatchOS, the Apple Watch and its built-in personal assistant Siri is constantly getting better. Aside from keeping you connected, Siri is able to schedule appointments in your calendar and keeps you notified of all the things that matter.

It helps you relax
One of the things we need to reminded off constantly is to take a moment to relax and regroup. When your day is filled to the brim with back to back meetings, it can be easy to forget to take a breather. The Apple Watch Series 2 does just that. Similar to the stand-up reminder on previous iterations of the watch, the Series 2 device reminds you to stop and breathe.

You can match it to your outfit
Whether you are dressed up for a crucial business pitch or down for Sunday brunch, the wide variety of straps available is suitable for any occasion. The classic Single Tour with deployment buckle will take you from boardroom to after work drinks, while the funkier Double Buckle Cuff and Double Tour are more casual options.

The Apple Watch Hermès Series 2 is available online and at the Hermès store in Scotts Square. Prices start at S$1788.