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6 New Beauty Products We Love This June

From our lips to your ears and beauty cabinets - here are the best new beauty products we have found this month.

 Caudalie VinoFresh Deoderant

I fully admit that I have not been super into the whole natural deodorant vibe ... until now. I take a million supplements, use paraben-free skincare and am an utter supplement junkie so why haven't I embraced natural deodorants when just thinking about the controversial ingredients I'm putting under my sensitive and porous underarms could send shivers down my spine? Well, it's because I think it just won't work - sorry, I thought it wouldn't work I should say. As a big fan of their skincare and make-up, it comes as no surprise to me that this little product took 20 years to develop.  With 98% natural ingredients, it not only hydrates the underarms but reduces bacteria responsible for odours, hydrates the skin and offers 24-hour freshness. Sounds good to me. 


Sephora Collection Vitamin Mask

Oh, I love a mask I do - especially when they're just $19 for a whole tub and that's also why I love the Sephora Collection - for the reasonably priced goodies that really get the job done. New to the collection is their range of plant-based, 93% natural origin masks. Available in four fruit and vitamin combinations, I love the Watermelon one thanks to its hydration boosting and Vitamin E enriched formula. 


NARS Orgasm On The Beach Cheek Palette

Normally when I see a palette I find one or two colours I like and then the rest are just meh but this beauty from NARS has six stunning colours built to compliment each other. Limited-edition, pinks are covered with Orgasm and Naples, bronzes are covered with Turtle Bay and Montezuma while striking reds are Mandalay and Zuma. Another thing I just love about this palette is the fact the colours can be mixed up around the face - Mandalay on the cheeks, Naples on the eyes and Turtle Bay to highlight and the list goes on. 


One for those who want squeaky clean pores and a shiny skin without all the hoopla that comes with so many of the cleansing brushes on the market today is the PMD Clean Facial Cleansing Device. Made with antibacterial silicone it runs off batteries which means no chargers to inevitably lose and keeps your skin clean with vibrations of 7,000 a minute. What's more - it comes in two chic colours, blush pink and charcoal black, which is a nice change to the normal white that is popular with these devices. 
Doyen of all things style and smell, Tom Ford described his latest fragrance, the third version of the highly acclaimed Soleil line: “The warmth of amber and mix of florals render this fragrance original. SOLEIL BRÛLANT is addictive…the boldest version of Soleil.” An intoxicating mixture of mandarin, bergamot, spicy pink peppercorn, jasmine, tuberose and orange flowers - this warm, heady and seductive fragrance is sure to whisk you off to private islands and sun-soaked holidays, even during a time when you still cant travel. 
Origins Clear Improvement™ Zero Oil Active Charcoal Detoxifying Cleanser to Clear Pores
When it comes to face masks, we thought nothing could beat our love for Origins Drink Up mask but this new beauty looks like it might be a close contender. Thanks to hot and humid temperatures over here, combined with almost constant mask-wearing, clogged pores and maskne seem our new reality which is why this beauty has come at such a good time. Aimed at detoxifying the skin which using Salicylic Acid, Rosemary, Clove, Spearmint, Lemon and Lavender - pores are de-clogged, minimised and refined.