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Barbiecore - everything you need to nail this trend

With the new movie coming out, you can't seem to move for pink. Here's how to nail this Barbie trend without looking too saccharine.

A pink dress

Well duh, of course, you need a dress. The trick with this wardrobe staple is to make it an easy pink: nothing too neon and nothing too candy floss - you need a pink that works on anyone over the age of those who play with Barbies. This one from J Crew has a fab hue, a grown-up length and gorgeous back smocking.

High Heels

Come on, Barbie wouldn't be Barbie without some uber-high heels, would she? Well, while stilettos are great for Barbie, they're not super great for those who actually have to walk which is why we have picked some with a bit of a platform, making walking that bit easier for you.

Barbie-worthy Bag

No Barbie outfit would be complete without a bag and we can't think of a better one than this pink studded beauty from Valentino. Say no more.

A glossy accessory

One thing most of us have in common with Barbie is our love for accessories and since Barbie is never really without her headband, we found one from the doyenne of headwear, Eugenia Kim, to nail this trend perfectly.

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