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BLLNR Reviews: Edit Suits Made To Measure Service

How to look a million dollars without spending it



If you follow the rules of sartorial men’s styling, then every fella needs a few key things in his wardrobe. A classic watch is a good start, a good pair of shoes will see you through many an event and of course, a great, well-made suit. 


But in today’s  world  of fast fashion and  thanks to an ever increasing pace of casual work wear, what are you to do when off  the rack won’t cut the muster and Saville  Row is not only geographically a long way off, but financially too? Well, here is where Edit Suit Co and their fresh take on made-to-measure comes in. Promising the fastest made-to-measure service in the City, they can plan, execute and deliver the suit of your dreams in under a month, with a price tag that won’t make your eyes water either.  So how to they do it? Well, thanks to the fact that they   work directly with the manufacturers and suppliers, they cut the hefty overheads for you, offering fine  fabrics including Loro  Piana and Ermenegildo Zegna, but let’s start at the beginning.



The Consultation

Every good story needs a beginning and this suit story starts with an easy to do online booking. Once that’s done, head on over to Edit Suit’s boutique as it were, on Duxton Road. Each client has a personal tailoring consultant who will take you through a  thorough consultation to understand what kind of event the suits are for, what kind of  fabrics are best suited  to the occasions needed etc. Once that’s done its on to the reams and reams of fabrics to choose from – again, your tailor will help shortlist them with you and offer advice along the way. Pattern and fabric chosen, it’s on to style, cut and finish and this is where the real fun of bespoke comes in. Fancy putting a blue silk lining in? Fine. Want a special message on the inside jacket pocket?  Sure thing.  Have a hankering for a specific button style? Go ahead.

Once all the details are done, your tailor will take you off to a private changing area to have the measurements taken and will talk you through everything from finishes  and  leg lengths to extra seating in  the trousers.

All in all, the initial consultation takes just over an hour, giving you an idea of  how detailed they really get. Once everything is chosen, they can also give you a basic idea on how long they think the lead time for the suit will be.


What’s next

Well, true to their word, after a couple of weeks your tailor will let you know once the suit is in their studio and off you head to check it out. At this second fitting, small tweaks can be made to ensure the best fit for you.



The results

Impressive, very impressive. Edit Suits delivered exactly what they said they would: a fine bespoke suit without the hefty price tag.  In this day and age when fast fashion so often makes us forget the true art to clothes, Edit Suits are  delivering such a good  happy medium that we hope we can look forward  to a barrage of better dressed men on the streets asap.


For more information, or to book an appointment, see here

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