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BLLNR Reviews: LG Pra. L Beauty Care Range

Does it live up to the hype? We put it to the test.


Beauty devises are hardly new but few have been launched to such fanfare as the LG Pra. L range. An overnight hit in their home country of South Korea, it launched in Singapore late last year. Comprising of the Dual Cleanser, Galvanic Ion Booster, Total Lift Up Care and the Derma LED Mask. 


Although it's the Derma LED Mask that undoubtedly got the most attention, LG say that each product works to boost particular areas of concern in specific ways and although they wont replace your trips to the spa, they will certainly help space the trips out. 


So, what did we think? Let's dive in.

The Dual Cleanser

The LG Pra. L Dual Cleanser is the most straightforward of all the units as you simply put on a brush head and go. There are two brush options; a silicone brush for more intense cleansing and a fine fibre brush for daily cleansing. Personally I found the silicone brush a bit too harsh on my sensitive skin so stuck to the fibre brush. There's also two cleansing times; 70 seconds and 120 seconds and the brush tells you which part to cleanse and which to move onto next to assure your face gets equal TLC. I used the 120 seconds for days when I wore make-up and needed an extra cleanse and the 70 second for daily use. 


A very definite win. It made my skin feel softer, cleaner and clearer and even comes with a charging cradle that emits UV light so the brush is sanitised when it's not being used. 


Galvanic Ion Booster

Now this was the one I was most excited about having never tried anything like this. The Galvanic Ion Booster uses the effects of something called iontophoresis, a technique of introducing ionic medicinal compounds into the body through the skin by applying a local electric current and it has two aims. The first is cleansing which using the special technology, draws out the impurities from the deep layers that the Dual Cleanser can't reach and Boost, which uses ultrasonic waves and thermal technology to allow your skincare to go deeper into your skin, therefore making it more effective. 


Good, pretty good. Each mode takes just three minutes so it's not a huge hassle to add on to my nightly routine and having used the boost mode with my Vitamin C serum, I can tell my skin is looking ever so slightly more luminous and moisturised. 


Total Lift Up Care

Now this has got to one of the most interesting parts of the whole package as it promises to help undo what time has done to your skin by plumping your skin and revealing more toned and youthful skin. It has two modes: the Tightening mode triggers collagen via high-frequency therapy and a red LED light and the Lifting mode stimulates facial muscles via micro-currents.  The devise is also designed to improve the appearance of pores, wrinkles and fine lines, with 92% of those tested claiming that they noticed a difference in their skin density after use. There's two ways to use this as well, with a daily short course of three minutes and a weekly eighteen minute full workout. 



Well for me, 18 minutes is too long to commit to a devise and it hurt my arm a little so I opted for the faster settings. I did notice an immediate effect, albeit temporary. While it won't replace anti-aging creams or injectables, if you need to look sharp and tone those cheekbones for an event, this is the way to go. 


Derma LED Mask

Probably the part of the whole range that's been given the most airplay, the Derma LED Mask uses a whopping 160 infrared and red LED lights to work on anti-ageing and stimulate collagen production. As keen as I was to try the mask, as someone who suffers mildly from claustrophobia,  this was slightly trickier to use than I thought. Although there is a clear visor to see out of and a silicone eye shield, it takes a wee bit of getting used to but I found that it was best used at night lying down watching TV, although there is a velcro strap to keep it in place for those who can't sit still for the nine minute session. 



It's not that hard to incorporate into your weekly routine, given that it just needs to be worn once a month so once I got used to the mask covering my face, it really wasn't too bad to use. Given that the LED lights are nowhere near as potent as in salons, LG does say it takes at least a month to show results so I'll wait patiently to look 21 again.