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Bottega Veneta Launches Readymade, Featuring Kendall Jenner

Why waste paparazzi pictures when you can turn them into a campaign?

Kendall Jenner is taking to the streets for her newest campaign. 

The model is the latest star of Bottega Veneta’s Pre-Spring 2024 campaign, which launched with images of rapper A$AP Rocky  .The campaign features photos of Jenner out and about, photographed in real-time by Backgrid and licensed by the label.

The real moments captured in the campaign prove Jenner runs errands just like us — such as when she grabbed sushi in West Hollywood (wearing a $12,000 shearling coat) or stopped for gas (in a $4,300 jacket-skirt combo). To add to the candid nature of the campaign, one photo even features Jenner walking her dog Pyro in a $4,600 trench coat, slouchy boots and $690 shades. 

The campaign, entitled "READYMADE", was conceptualized by Rocky and Bottega Veneta's creative director Matthieu Blazy. The creative collaborators aimed to highlight the relationship between celebrities and photographers. 

In an Instagram post debuting the campaign, Rocky wrote, “Even down to the rights and the usage of photos, and the tabloid hustle, there’s always seemed to be a disconnection between famous people and the photographers who follow & film them. While certain celebrities call paparazzi on themselves,” the rapper continued, “other celebrities might get confrontational with photographers. While a very small few, such as myself, don’t mind, as long as they post the good angles of course.”