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Celebrate Mother’s Day 2024 with John Hardy

Discover John Hardy's Mother’s Day gift guide.

Motherhood is a tapestry woven with threads of strength, grace, and boundless love. It's a journey marked by resilience, nurturing, and unwavering dedication. As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s time to celebrate the maternal figures who enrich our lives with their presence and guidance. At John Hardy, the Spring 2024 Spear and Naga collections pay homage to the essence of motherhood. These exquisite designs, rooted in John Hardy’s rich artistic heritage, serve as elegant tributes to the extraordinary women who shape our world.

The Spear Collection

The Spear collection celebrates the warrior spirit inherent in every mother. Drawing inspiration from the Icon Chain, the collection infuses a modern edge into its designs while retaining an aura of sophistication. Among the highlights of this season is the Spear Diamond Pave Bypass Flex Cuff, available in a variety of stunning finishes. Adorned with precious white diamonds, this cuff exudes refinement, making it a striking statement piece for any occasion. Another standout piece is the Spear Choker Necklace, meticulously crafted to embrace the contours of the body with grace and style. Featuring a hand-carved chain motif, this necklace is both bold and elegant, embodying the raw beauty of motherhood.

The Naga Collection

Named after the Balinese word for “dragon,” the Naga collection embodies themes of love, protection, and prosperity. Crafted with intricate hand-carved details in reclaimed silver and gold, each piece is a testament to the bond between mother and child. One of the collection’s highlights is the Naga Diamond Pave Hinged Cuff, a captivating blend of myth and beauty. With its delicate wrapping around the wrist and sparkling pave diamonds adorning the dragon’s head and tail, this cuff is a symbol of strength and elegance.

For a versatile and meaningful gift, consider the Y Naga necklace. Featuring adjustable-length chains and deep symbolism, this necklace can be worn in multiple ways to represent love, protection, and connection—a fitting tribute to the mothers in our lives.



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