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Clarins Unveil Clarins Precious

It's the very latest in skincare breakthroughs.

Clarins Precious, inspired by plants and driven by science, presents the epitome of luxury, performance and pleasure in the new La Crème, La Crème Yeux and La Lotion with rare anti-ageing innovation that delivers rare results. With true luxury being the time taken for oneself, every Clarins Precious moment is fuelled by the utmost desire to take good care of both skin and nature. A complete youth-regaining ritual, Clarins Precious’ La Crème, La Crème Yeux and La Lotion perfectly complement each other to stimulate anti-ageing results from within the skin. 

Clarins Precious introduces breakthrough innovation, quality actives and highly potent ingredients that are extracted using exclusive technology, as well as biomimetic high-tech anti-ageing peptides into star quality products that innovate anti-ageing. At the heart of the this latest breakthrough is the Moonlight Flower which holds the secret to youth, carefully extracted at the height of its beauty and molecular richness within a two-hour window. As soon as the flowers are picked, the flower immediately undergoes an ultra-cold natural cryoextraction process to obtain a precious extract: Moonlight flower’s cryoextract. Helping preserve youthful-looking skin that is more resistant and radiant, this extract is at the crossroads of science and nature. For the first time, Clarins reactivates FOXO within the skin cells that helps stop oxy-inflammaging. Reversing the effects of ageing at its source, reactivating FOXO increases collagen-1 production by 279%. A race against the clock, Moonlight flower’s cryoextract is a botanical gem enhanced by man and transcended by science, harvested with great care by botanists, masters of an exclusive savoir-faire. With an incredible capacity to stimulate the skin’s longevity at the heart of its cells, Moonlight flower’s cryoextract contains a rare power captured in Clarins Precious’ exceptional line of skin care products, created with the utmost respect for the skin, the plant, and nature.
When it comes to Clarins' latest line - the Precious contains three key products: the Creme, the eye cream and the lotion.
La Crème is powered by extracts of organic Leaf of Life and Acerola seed to prevent and correct visible signs of ageing, renewing the skin’s youthful qualities. It also draws from organic Oat Sugars for its tightening effect, organic Camellia Oil for nourishment, Albizia extract to restore radiance, and a vitamin C derivative that inhibits the overproduction of melanin that produces dark spots. With these ingredients, women recognised firmer, softer and luminous skin upon application, with 81% of women saying their skin has never looked as beautiful. In just seven days, women see visibly firmer, smoother and more radiant skin and after 14 days, women find a 23% improvement in skin firmness and a 13% increased skin elasticity. After 28 days, women see a 39% improvement in skin firmness and a 24% reduction in nasolabial folds which contribute to smile lines. Finally after three months, women see a 11% reduction in glabellar wrinkles that cause frown lines.
The eye cream contains a cocktail of effective and targeted key ingredients, this youth-reviving eye cream helps the eye area appear more bright and youthful. La Crème Yeux uses plant ingredients to revive the eye area, with Peptide Palmitoyl Glycine to smooth expression lines, organic Oat Sugars for a skin-tightening effect, Horse Chestnut to reduce the look of undereye puffiness and dark circles, and organic Camellia Oil with nourishing properties for the skin. Day after day, the skin around the eye contour is firmer, plumped and stronger. The eye area is revived, smoother and luminous.
Finally, the lotion is an essential prelude in the Clarins Precious ritual. It deeply hydrates, softens, smoothens and plumps the skin, preparing the skin to fully receive the ingredients in every product that follows. The epitome of luxury, La Lotion is essential to the Clarins Precious experience, key to hydrating and reviving radiance in the skin. La Lotion draws benefits from the extracts of organic Leaf of Life to stimulate the skin’s natural hydration process and extracts of Acerola Seed to revive radiance, making it a refreshing and beneficial essence that completes the luxurious and precious anti-ageing experience.