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Dior Unveil Their Skin Scanner

Who says beauty is only skin deep.



In the competitive world of skincare we become ever-increasingly more savvy about what we lather onto our skin. Not content with knowing the beauty buzz words and ingredients, now consumers want to know exactly how the product came about, or more specifically, the science behind it. 


At the four innovation and science centres Dior has built to develop their beauty offerings, over 350 dedicated international scientists work on repurposing the very latest medical breakthroughs into skincare and for the past nine years, Dior Science has used a unique specific skin diagnostic tool in its laboratories: the Dior skin scanner. Derived from medical imaging, this unique technology is harnessed using 30 years of clinical research.


Well now Dior have taken their dedication to science, and to their customers, one step further by rolling out this skin scanner tool at certain points of sale. Using medical imagery, the scanner looks at the complete face, focusing on two points of view, both the front and side and looks deep into the skin using three specialized light sources, natural, cross polarized and ultraviolet. 

In just eight seconds, it captures in depth information about the skin including the following: Surface texture - including wrinkles and fine lines and visible pores. Then it moves onto beneath the surface looking at the deep epidermis taking into account emerging brown spots and red areas. Lastly, it scans beneath the dermis to check UV damage and clogged pores.

From here, the medical grade, expert imagery reveals the individuals main skin concerns the results are then examined by one of Dior's skincare experts and during the 30-minute consultation, they can advise individuals on the best products to use to address each concern in a precise way. Working with the experts at Dior, the skincare expert will then establish a personalised, targeted program which is then revisited a month later where the skincare scanner can update on your skin's improvements over the past 30 days. 


Starting in September, the 30-minute consultations will be available at select Dior flagship stores for free.