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Experience The Future Of Beauty With Sephora’s Virtual Artist App

You Can Now Try On Makeup Anywhere, Anytime

In a reflection of Augmented Reality’s growing popularity in beauty, Sephora is leading the charge in bringing the technology to the masses with the Sephora Virtual Artist app.

Since its launch in Southeast Asia last year in October 2017, Sephora has recently expanded the range of beauty products available for users to try-out virtually to include eyeshadows and eyeliners as well, on top of lipsticks shades.

The AR makeup app is designed using facial recognition software to enable customers to test products and purchase them directly through the app – all in the palm of their hand. After scanning the user’s face to detect the major features, the app uses Artificial Intelligence to gauge the coloration from the facial image, subsequently suggesting shades of lipstick, eyeshadow and blush that best suit the user’s skin tone and features.

While numerous other beauty brands and startups have been embracing the power and potential that AR technologies for quite some time now, having the no. 1 specialty retailer in the world according to Euromonitor International, finally enter the fray and invest heavily in incorporating these technologies certainly brings the strategy further into the mainstream makeup world – elevating the user experience for customers both in-stores and at home.



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