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Save The Children With Bvlgari

The famed Roman jeweller has teamed up with Save The Children for a very special collection.



In 2009, legendary Italian jewellers, Bvlgari, first teamed up with acclaimed NGO, Save The Children, to work on a common goal: to achieve a better future for the world's most vulnerable children. 


Now, 10 years on, over 1.5 million children have been helped through this scheme by the fact they have been given one of life's most essential tools - an education. More than this, thanks to the brand's support, almost US$90 Million has been raised, which has gone towards providing children in underprivileged areas with quality education, development, practical skills that allow them to find work and most importantly independence. 


With Bvlgari's goal of raising in total, US$100 Million, to commemorate a decade of working together, they have released a stunning new collection to help towards this goal. Inspired by the BVLGARI BVLGARI collection, one of the houses most distinctive designs, they have released two pieces this time. Firstly there is the pendant necklace in sterling silver and onyx which features a stone disk encircled by a bold double logo and topped with a red ruby from Mozambique, with the back of the pendant housing the charity's promise. The pendant will be on sale in boutiques at $1,080 of which $108 will go to the charity.

The next piece is a stunning silver and black ceramic ring, retailing at $790, of which $79 will go to the charity. 









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