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Support Local: Singaporean Artisans You Need To Know Now

Looking for locally produced goods to add to your wardrobe? These Singaporean artisans have got you covered.

Made In Singapore: A list of Singapore’s best artisans ranging from silversmiths to tailors.

Carrie K Atelier

In 2009, having gained a sufficient mastery of silversmithing, Carolyn Kan took the plunge and started Carrie K. The rest, as they say, is history. Five years to the day, her quirky designs — mostly inspired by simple, everyday objects — are stocked all over the world, including Japanese designer Yuji Yamamoto’s (son of internationally acclaimed Yohji Yamamoto) concept store, Make One’s Mark. Kan tells us that Carrie K, although known primarily for its offering of silver adornments, has since moved beyond silver toward gold, black diamonds, and even unconventional synthetic materials as seen in her aptly named latest collection, A Beautiful Mess.

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Kevin Seah Bespoke

Kevin Seah has access to a vast array of the world’s finest cloths, having forged strong relationships with historic mills in Italy and the United Kingdom, and the sheer number of customisation options — from multicoloured buttonholes to specific stitching patterns — is enough to make your head spin. It’s these fine materials, combined with an enviable level of craftsmanship, that make a Kevin Seah Bespoke suit such a unique proposition.

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Ethan K

Born into a family steeped in the exotic-leather tanning tradition, Ethan Koh was raised only a stone’s throw from the tannery, surrounded by the craftsmen, tools and techniques that transform simple reptile hides into highly prized exotic leathers. Whether it was nature, nurture, or a combination of the two, this serendipitous background was a boon to the young Koh, offering a route into the world of luxury bags.

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Vanda Fine Clothing

Vanda Fine Clothing’s unassuming atelier, nestled in the heart of Singapore’s largest industrial estate, is responsible for some of the best neckties and pocket squares on the market today. Its proprietors are largely self-taught, having learned their trade by a combination of trial and error, and deconstructing dozens of pocket squares and neckties.

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