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The Most Coveted Gift Card Anyone Would Love This Christmas

The Angelica Hicks exclusive gift card from Mr & Mr Smith Will Be A Guaranteed Hit With Anyone

We all have that particular friend or family member we find almost impossible to gift to. Either they seem to already have everything or they have such discerning tastes, you wouldn't even know where to begin looking. As the holiday season comes into full swing, this perennial problem of wrecking our brains for perfect present ideas has come to plague us once again.

Rather than taking another shot in the dark with the most generic gift options, the latest limited-edition gift card from Mr & Mrs Smith in partnership with internationally renowned illustrator, Angelica Hicks, will be guaranteed to delight even your most particular loved one. After all, who can say no to a luxe holiday, choosing from a selection of the world’s most seductive hotels, all carefully curated by the award-winning boutique-hotel booking service, Mr & Mrs Smith? 

Setting themselves apart with this unique gift card design this year, Mr & Mrs Smith has collaborated with the global artist and illustrator of the moment, Angelica Hicks, whose impressive work has been featured in Vogue, The New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar and even adorned Gucci’s summer T-shirt collection this year. Angelica’s exclusively designed limited-edition Get a Room! gift card features a hand-drawn lobby scene that brings Mr & Mrs Smith to life as the ‘travel club for hotel lovers’. 

The limited-edition gift card is available in any amount from SGD $50 upwards, and can be put towards a booking at any of the 1,000 stylish stays in Mr & Mrs Smith’s global collection.