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Tips For Building A Brand With Product Diversity: Priti Devi of Decorator's Notebook

Founder and Owner of Decorator's Notebook Priti Devi tells us about her journey to build a global brand.

Priti Devi: "One of the biggest challenges in creating any brand is identifying what will make it stand out among the thousands of similar, large and small competitors in a very cluttered social media space."

For an intrepid traveller like me, one of the greatest joys of global travel is the exposure I have to the beauty and diversity of history, culture, local artisanal products, cuisines and natural vistas, that make this world such a vibrant and extraordinary place.

Over the years, while designing and decorating homes, I realised the immense value to a discerning homeowner, of the convenience of easy access to an expertly curated collection of unique, globally sourced, high quality luxury home accessories. My ability to source unique products from local artisans across the globe, combined with an innate sensibility for muted elegance, resulted in the creation of my carefully curated, home accessories e-commerce platform

While formulating the branding for the business, we assessed how we wanted to position the business. One of the biggest challenges in creating any brand is identifying what will make it stand out among the thousands of similar, large and small competitors in a very cluttered social media space. What makes your business unique and what is the special value proposition you offer? Another challenge for most creative businesses is finding the right team with complementing sensibilities, to grow the venture. is a labour of love, driven by a passion and desire to bring to the market beautiful, handmade products that define luxury and elegance in every sense. Our value proposition is that the products available on, are not mass-produced, but crafted and manufactured by talented artisanal designers and small, family run enterprises and that every piece is unique. I have personally bought many of the beautiful home accessories we offer on from our diverse sources, to accessorise different projects and homes. Each of these products has their own unique beauty and behind each piece is a delightful, local story of creativity, determination and hard work.

During one product sourcing visit to a small industrial prefecture in Tuscany, I was invited to visit the manufacturing facility a local Italian family run luxury home accessories business. At the end of my tour of the factory, I was amazed to see at the packaging and finishing section, the entire family of the young designer- his mother, wife, sister and aunt, all inspecting, polishing and carefully packaging each product to ensure they were in perfect condition before being shipped. This personal commitment is what we find so delightful and special in our partnerships.

My vision is to continue building our portfolio of beautiful products made by talented local and global designers and artisans who have remained close to their traditional forms of manufacturing. While they may not have the mechanised capacity to deliver in large quantities, these artisans produce high quality, luxury products that compete in design, quality and finish with the best in the world.

Curating such a special collection has necessitated the combined investments of travel, time and effort to source, locate and convince the artisans to partner with Business relationships like these are built on trust for an effective and mutually productive long-term partnership. The benefit to participating vendors is not always apparent immediately, as growing the brand is a costly and slow process, but knowing that we have a mutual aim in mind is the bond that keeps these relationships flourishing.

It is the diversity of the unique and specially-curated collection that encourages our clients to return multiple times to purchase what they validate, are interesting, high quality home accessories, conveniently available in one place. Our audience also recognises, values and respects the unique artisanal skills of the participating vendors.

Economic pressures, the advancement of technology, mechanisation, and in many parts of the world, political unrest is however, creating an unsettling change for many. Especially for small, local artisanal designers and manufacturers, who rely on a stable environment to craft and produce beautiful products that are unique to their local culture. Small, independent or family-run enterprises and local designers are finding it harder and harder to compete with mass mechanisation processes and access to markets and therefore, face numerous financial difficulties. Hopefully, independent e-commerce platforms like, will continue to invest the time and effort to identify and encourage small, amazingly talented artisans to persevere with their creative endeavours. Our partnership with these artisans helps us to provide them access to the global market and conversely, we enjoy the benefits of building a strong “brand” that gains recognition for its beautiful, unique, high quality products.

It is this commitment and concerted effort to source and promote beautiful, unique artisanal products that we hope, will help encourage, maintain and enhance the essential talent and vibrancy of these delightfully diverse local artisans.