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Upgrade your eyewear with the BOSS Spring/Summer 2024 collection

Introducing the BOSS Spring/Summer 2024 Men’s Eyewear Collection, a fusion of innovation and signature craftsmanship.

This collection unveils a range of sunglasses and optical frames designed with meticulous attention to detail. Leading the lineup are the "Style & Expression" Bold Signature and Light Signature capsules, embodying sustainability at their core. Crafted from acetate renew and TRITAN™ Renew, these pieces offer bold or extra-slim designs, complemented by solid colours, Havana shades, and transparent hues. Signature BOSS stripes and metal detailing accentuate their allure, adding a touch of sophistication to every pair.

The "Style & Expression" Signature Light Metal capsule delivers sleek frames with a personalised BOSS signature. The range also features striped metal elements as well as sophisticated colour treatments for those seeking a more refined aesthetic. Meanwhile, the "Functional and Comfort" Casual capsule prioritises ease and wearability. Crafted from Tenite™ Renew, a bio-based and recycled material, these sunglasses ensure comfort without compromising style. Adorned with the iconic BOSS logo at the temples, they feature a colour palette infused with fresh hues and transparent shades.

Discover the epitome of style, sophistication, and sustainability with BOSS's latest eyewear collection for men, offering the perfect blend of innovation and timeless elegance.