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What To Invest In This Year

Which pieces are going up in value and which brands to watch.

These days, the dread 'buyers remorse' is a thing of the past thanks to a plethora of re-sale websites, dedicated to finding new homes for your fashion finds. So, if  cleaner and leaner wardrobe was one of your new years resolutions, Vestaire Collective have compiled the guide to which brands are steadily increasing in value and which brands to keep your eyes on.


But first, let's look at the year that was. In 2019, Gucci dominated the resale market and saw a 30% rise in sales, year on year. Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior and Hermes of course, came in behind Gucci with particular favourite pieces being the Gucci Marmont bag, Hermes Carre 90 scarf, the Dior saddle bag and the Fendi baguette bag. 


Last year, Australian cult favourite, Zimmerman hit Vestaire Collective at a rapid pace and saw a whopping 367% growth rate year on year. Close behind was Ganni, enjoying a 179% growth. Tiffany & Co also saw a massive spike with 256% sales increase, with bracelets being the top category for sales, with Bulgari's Serpenti collection pipping Tiffany& Co at 271% increase year on year. 


So what does this mean for APAC? Well, Vestaire Collective note that the top brands for our region are going to be Bottega Veneta, especially with their new bag collection, Prada,  Jacquemus and Prada Hobo re-edition collection.