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Why now is the perfect time to buy your investment watch

As the market keeps falling for luxury Swiss watches, there has never been a better time to buy your dream timepiece.

When times of global insecurity come around, one of the main things that see an immediate knock-on effect is the luxury industry and this year, the luxury Swiss timepiece market has been hit.

According to Subdial, a leading watch industry reporting and sales site, the Bloomberg Subdial Watch Index fell again for November, down 3% from the prior month and 10% from a year ago to £26,912, or $33,740 — a new two-year low. The Bloomberg Subdial Index on Subdial tracks a roster of the 50 most sought-after watches by value in the secondhand or used market, representing brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet.

According to the index, the Rolex Submariner with green bezel (the “Kermit”) was the biggest loser, down 4.6% for the month. The yellow gold Rolex Day Date was one of the few gainers, up an index best of 1.3%. While Subdial noted that the index fell a whopping 40% in the same period last year, the recent 10% decline is just as noteworthy.

“A 10% decline in a market in the course of a year is significant. While there is relative calm compared to the previous year, to claim that we have stability feels a bit overly optimistic, not to say that it couldn’t be around the corner,” the report said.

This decline is a far cry from the frenetic days during and shortly after the pandemic when supply was low — and factors like social media influencers, crypto’s massive rise, and the feeling that life was too short led to frenzied buying in the luxury watch market across the globe, which, in turn, are partly to blame for the Subdial Index drop of 42% from its peak in April 2022.