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Three New Apps You Need To Know For 2018

Here are three top apps making their way over from China that look set to make it big for 2018.

Tik Tok

Tik Tok got it's big break by partnering with China's Got Hip-Hop, a reality rap competition and has seen it's popularity soar in recent months. Essentially a music and video making sharing platform, until now this social media phenomenon has eluded Asia, but this all looks set to change in 2018.


Little Red Book

With Asia bring one of the most engaged markets for shopping, Little Red Book looks set to fill a need for the growing hoards of increasingly avaricious shoppers. Connecting shoppers with well-known global brands that are hard to find in Asia, it concentrates on everything from cosmetics, beauty, fashion to even nutritional supplements. 



While Instagram is all good and well, wouldn't it be nice to have a social media platform where you can choose your specialised interests? Well, enter Nice and Lofter. While Nice takes on a more fashion-centric feel, Lofter is focused around design. The app already has over 10 million users to date and thanks to a highly engaged, often affluent audience, it provides the perfect platform for up and coming businesses.