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Amazon Set To Launch Waterproof Kindle

The soon to be launched second-generation Kindle Oasis is now water-friendly.

Tech fans with slippy fingers rejoyce, Amazon have recently announced that they will be launching their very first waterproof Kindle. Named the Kindle Oasis, Amazon say that their new launch will be able to withstand being in up to two meters of water for up to one hour - making dropping it in the bath or splashes from the pool a problem of the past. 

But that's not all there is to look forward to. There's the matter of design thanks to the sleek aluminum back, it's thinner than any past versions and thanks to a dual-core processor, it turns pages faster than any version before. In terms of battery life, it's pretty much the same as other versions with lifetime around two weeks and fully charging time just under two hours. A change in screen is also something to look forward to, with the Oasis being seven inches as opposed to six and LED lights for nighttime reading. 


When it comes to storage, there will be 8 and 32 GB options.