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Best Apps To Waste Time On

Whether it's passing time while stuck in traffic or just a slow day at work, here are some of the best apps to whittle time away on. 



Those who remember Tetris will love this game. Utterly easy at first but totally addictive and often a bit frustrating, this is one for the long journey home for sure. 



If you like Sudoko then you will love Shirodoko. Choose your level and board size and enjoy as many puzzles as your brain can take. 



Another one for all those puzzle fans out there is Definitionado. Basically a word search, the brilliant thing about this game is you can save your progress and go back to it whenever you like.


Tap Titans

You tap the screen as fast as you can to win the game. That's pretty much all there is to Tap Titans but although simple, don't underestimate how addictive it is. 



If you fancy yourself as a bit of a trivia geek, then QuizUp is for you. What's more, you can even play with friends or challenge others to a game. 


Farm Away!

The purpose of Farm Away! is to build a farm and make it profitable. It really is that simple. 


Super Hexagon

The goal of this game is to navigate the small hexagon around the large hexagon without any other pieces of the game touching it. Sound simple? Well it's not, which is why this game is so addictive.