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Four Free Apps Guaranteed To Boost Your Productivity

The Most Useful Apps To Have On Your Phone

As our smartphones become almost like extensions of our hand, we might as well make the best use of our indispensable tech gadgets we are hardly ever seen without. With that in mind, here are the best apps that will help you power up your productivity.



With the thousands of e-mails, messages and document editing we do on our phones and tablets every day, the unique features of custom keyboards can be a real time-saver.

SwiftKey is among the best third-party custom keyboard options, featuring lightning-fast responsiveness and swipe-typing, all highly configurable to suit your needs and preferences. Fast to pick up on your typing habits and vocabulary quirks, the accuracy of its predictive typing system is hard to compete with.

With all that goes on within the day, we often become absent minded about the simplest tasks and mundane chores. This app helps you keep track of everything with to-do lists, reminders, notes all conveniently synced between our phone, desktop, web and tablet. What stands out is the ability also share your lists with and assign tasks with your friends, family or co-workers if need be. In addition, there is also voice command function that allows you to add items to your lists verbally.



Productivity isn’t just about how fast you complete tasks but also about how well you manage and utilise it. This app harnesses the power of AI to help organise you email inbox to ensure you always prioritise the most important tasks first. Based on your account your email history, the algorithms pick up your most important messages, automatically highlighting them for easy reference. A radar feature also hones in on the messages that could use more urgent replies for maximum productivity.



Based on the Pomodoro Technique – a time-management method that breaks down work into 25 minute intervals with a five-minute break in-between – this app helps you time your work sessions accordingly for maximum work productivity. While there are a variety of Pomodoro timers out there this one has a simple and straightforward user-friendly interface that does just what you need it to.