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The 5 Best Meditation Apps To Know About

Five apps to help you get your zen on.


There are many benefits to meditation. It can help to reduce stress, to improve concentration and it can also increase a sense of inner peace which are all hugely beneficial in the workplace. Think meditation isn't your thing, well it has come a long way since hot rooms and hippie communes with solo meditation not only advised but highly encouraged. With that in mind, here are five apps to help you get your zen on.



Headspace is an easy to use daily meditation app that allows people of all meditation levels to take part. Encouraging you through daily videos and exercises, the 10 day intro package is free to use, with monthly subscriptions ranging from $8 to $20 after that. 



The beauty of Welzen is that it allows you to tailor how and for how long you want to meditate. Choose from five minute sessions to end of day calm downs and tailor your classes to what you want to achieve each time, from stress relief to enhanced relationship support. 



Calm works slightly differently to other meditation apps in that rather than focusing on learning modules, it aims to help you focus your mind and de-stress through music. Ideal for your morning and evening commutes, it works by helping you improve your concentration and sleep patterns by focusing on your breathing as you concentrate on various sound themes including rainforest or fireplace. 


Smiling Minds

initially built for children with anxiety, Smiling Minds has proved to be one of the most versatile meditation/calming apps you can find. Rather than just go through standard meditation tools, it aims to provide the most accurate calming advice by first logging how you feel and what your stresses are at the beginning of each session. 


The Mindfulness App

Another app that lets you meditate on your own schedule is The Mindfulness App. With this, you can choose from three to thirty minutes per session and focus on various topics ranging from calmness to relationships. 


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