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Top Five Social Media Tips To Use In Your Business

Optimise The Power Of Social Media To Grow Your Business

In today’s digital era, strategic social media campaigns can make or break any company. With that in mind, here are the top five insider tips for any entrepreneur who are looking to fully harness the power of social media to enhance their online presence and grow their business.

Consistency is Key 

When it comes to your posts, messages and the frequency of social media utilisation, always keep consistency in mind. Have it down to a science by keeping track of your popular traffic timings and making a plan for the specific content and timings you will be posting and most importantly, stick with it. Depending on your goals and your following, this should ideally be a few times a day or a week that you can even schedule in advance. Your social media analytics reports also enables you to get much more granular with targeting your specific audience. Essentially, you can’t swing from posting once a month to five times a day and then back and expect to have a constantly engaged following. 

It’s Not All About the Likes

Getting likes and follows is one of the main priorities in building a strong social media presence. However, rather than solely focusing on publishing viral content that receives the most attention, there are a few types of content that though aren’t usually as popular or eye-catching, are equally important to establish credibility and presence in the market. These may include testimonials, charity posts, press features and important blog posts. Just because this type of content isn't getting likes or shares doesn’t mean that you refrain from posting them. Though they garner less traffic, it helps to build a firm foundation for your company.

Format Content to Optimise Each Platform 

Optimising your various accounts across all of the major social media platforms involves more than just duplicating the same post on the different sites. To truly maximise the power of different platforms that serve varying functions and audiences, format content specifically meant for each platform. This means prioritising visuals for Instagram, lengthier and more educational posts for LinkedIn, relatable and light-hearted videos and memes for Facebook and short and snappy announcements for Twitter. All of your posts should never be the same, even if they are delivering similar messages and content. 

Ensure Your Content Aligns with Your Brand’s Message

You may be tempted to deliver a post that simply gets a lot of attention, but that will do nothing for your brand if you don’t make sure that the content aligns with your message. Everything needs to fit within your brand identity and promote what it is that you're trying to say to the world.

Constantly Engage with Your Audience

One of the greatest tools that social media offers is the ability to immediately and frequently interact with your customer base; making your business more personable. Ensuring that any queries or complaints are expediently addressed and rectified is a sure-fire way to build a good reputation for impeccable customer service.