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All the new cars coming to Singapore in 2022

If you're in the market for a new ride, this is where to look.


Audi is coming in strong this year with a multitude of vehicles. There's the RS 3-door sedan as well as the hatchback, the R8 RWD high performance sports car, another high-performance number in the shape of the new SQ7 and a large SUV in the SQ8.


Honda are popular here in Singapore and with their lasting power and driving capabilities, it's not hard to see why. This year they are releasing their third-generation HR-V as well as giving the popular City a hybrid makeover. 



Let's face it, Kia haven't always been exactly the coolest looking cars but those days look set to be behind them thanks to their new EV6 range. With an updated, modern design, futuristic look and hybrid engine - it looks set to be a firm favourite when it launches. 



When it came to electric vehicles, Mercedes were somewhat lagging behind but coming in strong for 2022 are three from the famed German manufacturer. There's the EQB, which is marketed as an electric EQE, an EQS and a Merc-AMG SL. And if electric doesn't float your boat, two very expensive Maybachs are also targeted for release this year too. 



The moto for Porsche for 2022 is that if you want to go fast, go for Porsche. This year you can look forward to the zooped up version of the Cayman and the GT4 RS as well as a faster than usual Taycan thanks to the GTS model. In the market for a Cayenne? Then the Cayenne GT will do nicely. 



I don't pretend to know that much about cars but what I do know is that I want a Tesla. Seriously cool, smooth and slick to drive as well as energy-efficient and working on clean air, they came into Singapore just last year and have already caused quite the stir. This year they are giving us the Model 3 sedan and for those in need of a bit more space will be the Model Y SUV.