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Bentley Introduces World's Fastest Wifi

When is a car not just a car? When its a Bentley.



In the race to come up with the most over the top, luxurious extras, Bentley might just have pipped their competition to the post with their latest creation: Advanced Connectivity.


So what are we talking about? Well, to put it simply, it's the world's first super-fast secure in-car WiFi system, meaning you can stay connected whenever and wherever you are. To give you an example, if you are travelling at an average speed of 70 mph, you will be able to use multiple entertainment and business apps, including high-def video streaming across multiple devices. What's more, Bentley is so confident of their service that they promise an uninterrupted service quality meaning you can even edit documents and conduct video conferences, all from the comfort of your car.


It works using a unique multi-channel virtual private network, or VPN as its known, which can work through three mobile network operators on one high-speed signal. Of course, given that its Bentley, there's no bulky boxes or visible wires, with the connectivity system snuck away inside the boot lid, with the router connecting to the on-board power supply. Thanks to the fact that the broadband hub is connected at a static site, this ensures unparalleled connectivity and security.



All you have to do to take full advantage is download the Bentley Advanced Connectivity app and link up your phone. Oh, and own a Bentley of course. 



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