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Bentley Motors Launches 'How do you Bentley?'

Bentley unveils an ambitious global brand campaign.

Bentley Motors has unveiled a new global brand campaign, "How do you Bentley?", aimed at inviting "Gen B" to discover and engage with the Bentley world. Gen B represents a diverse audience that transcends time, race, and gender, encompassing both new and existing customers, brand enthusiasts, and Bentley employees. This campaign seeks to unite them with a common mindset to challenge the status quo, push luxury boundaries, and explore future possibilities.

Founded in 1919, Bentley's vision has always been to be the most sought-after luxury car brand. Over the decades, the brand has evolved, extending its DNA into new areas with ambitions to lead in contemporary luxury lifestyle. By collaborating with talented craftspeople, engineers, and designers, Bentley aims to expand its principles of craft, innovation, and quality design beyond traditional automotive boundaries.

The campaign, developed by IPG-X, features a film directed by Anders Hallberg, titled "How Do You Bentley?". The film offers a series of lenses into the Bentley world, highlighting the passions of its target audiences. It nods to the brand’s presence in areas such as travel through Bentley Extraordinary Journeys, music through the Bentley Record Room, and design in Bentley Home. The transitions in the film explore the harmony of the brand’s polarities, balancing luxury and performance, wellbeing and power, modern and traditional, in authentic, unexpected, and elevated ways.

Running across paid media, Out Of Home, Connected TV, and Bentley’s social channels, the campaign aims to enable access, immersion, and interaction within Bentley’s world. Steven de Ploey, Global Marketing Director, stated, "This brand campaign will be instrumental in positioning Bentley as the undisputed leader in luxury and performance. It will highlight all aspects of the Bentley business, well beyond automotive, creating a more distinct and desirable profile for the brand."

Nick Cooper, Global Executive Creative Director at IPG-X, added, "Our campaign line, ‘How do you Bentley?’, allows the brand to lead the conversation about what luxury lifestyle looks like, using a shared mindset to communicate with both existing and new audiences. Director Anders Hallberg's understanding of the luxury lifestyle world helped us connect with the audience's passion points, as much as the cars, creating a compelling and authentic narrative embodying the brand. This campaign will drive Bentley beyond purely automotive towards a luxury lifestyle proposition."