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Honda Unveils New Logo for Next-Gen Electric Vehicles

Honda made a splash at the 2024 CES with the unveiling of its new logo, marking the first significant redesign in about 43 years.

Reserved for the next-generation electric vehicles (EVs), the fresh emblem departs from the squircle-shaped design of its predecessor, opting for a simpler and more modern approach. The wider and sharply angled "H" symbolises two outstretched hands, emphasising Honda's commitment to innovation and progress.

Reminiscent of the original H mark from the 1960s, the new logo exudes a retro charm while embracing contemporary aesthetics. It made its debut alongside the Saloon and Space-Hub electric concepts, signalling Honda's bold step into the EV market. While gasoline-powered vehicles will retain the current logo, the Series Zero EV models, set to launch in 2026, will proudly showcase the revamped emblem.

Despite the anticipation, enthusiasts will have to wait a bit longer to see the logo adorning production models. The Series Zero Saloon concept is expected to be the first to sport the new insignia, hinting at Honda's vision for an electrified future. Meanwhile, the 2024 Prologue electric SUV, based on a GM platform, will stick with the old logo for now. Honda's ambitious goals aim for EVs and fuel-cell vehicles to constitute 40% of new vehicle sales by 2030, escalating to 100% by 2040. As the automotive industry evolves, Honda's new logo signifies its unwavering commitment to driving progress and embracing sustainable mobility.

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