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New car launches for 2023

Is it finally time to go green, Singapore?

 With no shifts in sight when it comes to COE prices, the newly announced rebates for green cars look set to win petrol heads over. With rebates of up to $45,000 - will this be enough to go green in 2023? Let's see what's on offer when it comes to new cars this year. 


Audi Q8

Due to arrive from March onwards, the Q8 is Audi's largest electric model at five meters long and two meters wide. If long distance driving is your thing, then this is the car for you with a 114kWh battery and a range of up to 550km.


Ford Mustang

Fans of the original edition of this iconic car are in for a bit of a blow as its rumoured this will be the very last combustion variant of this iconic machine. Available in couple or convertible form, it's been upgraded for its last lap with upgraded suspension, improved aerodynamics and a whopping five-litre engine. 


Nissan X-Trail

There are some car manufacturers who have gone full-hog on fully electric models and then there is Nissan. Preferring to finesse their e-Power hybrids, their latest edition is the X-Trail which is set to arrive in April. With a 1.8kWh battery which has the ability to switch between with a variable compression ration petrol engine and power generator, it suits lazy chargers or those going on long journeys. 


Range Rover Sport

Oh Range Rover, you never really do much in terms of updates and changes but still you are one of everyone's favourite car brands. What's new this year is the P400 edition, which has a three-litre turbocharged straight-six engine producing 400hp and 550Nm of torque while the output goes to all four wheels via an eight-speed autobox.


Volkswagen ID4

VW fans will rejoice at the news that this electric crossover is finally set to arrive this year. In terms of design, its the size of the VW Tiguan with a range of 400km. Price wise, insiders say it will sit at around $220,000.