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Rent Some Luxury

Rent a fleet of luxury cars? Sound too good to be true? Well, it's not.



These days you can rent pretty much everything; designer IT bags, dresses, even pets. Well now, thanks to a rather innovative and unique offering from a company called Carro, you can rent a range of luxury cars on a monthly basis, meaning you get all the joy of driving a fleet of top of the range cars, at a fraction of the price.


Taking their cue from a May 2019 poll from eMarketer that claimed that one in three Singaporeans are thinking of moving towards subscription based services within the next two years, Carro are removing all the hassles from car ownership - including the most important factor - finance. 


Launched this year, this new subscription based car service, which is the first of its kind in Singapore, offers subscribers the chance to drive the likes of Mercedes, BMW and Porsche models and includes the added bonus of road tax, road side assistance, regular maintenance and roadtax, all for the flat fee of $4,999 per month. 


Speaking of the new launch, Aaron Tan, CEO and Founder of Carro said: “Carro is revolutionizing the future of car ownership by offering customers the opportunity to experience the finest cars without the baggage of traditional car ownership. With the launch of the new Luxury category, drivers can now drive premium cars that they have always desired, but find car ownership to be financially draining and commitment heavy. This new subscription-based model is a step forward in the right direction; backed up by the fact that over 2,000 people have already joined our waiting list in just two months.”



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