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Rolls Royce Makes It Personal

Making it personal with the Falcon Wraith.


 Of course it had to be a Peregrine Falcon, chosen by Rolls Royce, to feature on their ground-breaking feat of featuring the most detailed ever single embroidery feature on a car. Known for their speed, grace and movement, the bird of prey has been immortalised on Wraith, Rolls-Royce's sensational Grand Tourer. 


Consisting of nearly 250,000 individual stitches, it took a team of designers and craftspeople to develop at Rolls-Royce's headquarters in Goodwood, UK. Led by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Bespoke Embroidery Specialist, Josh Liles, the design took both time and patience.  “The design required hours of observation of a Peregrine Falcon – we needed to understand the musculature, the movement, the shading of the feathers. We wanted the bird to adopt an alert and predatory stance. We created multiple iterations of the embroidery – the direction, length and spacing of the stitch can have a great impact on the final image. We purposefully shaped the beak and angled the eye to create a sense of aggression.” Liles commented. He continued, “The Falcon embroidery became a labour of love. Technically, it is exceptionally difficult to embroider this density of stitches onto leather. Embroidery puts stress and tension on leather causing a physical wave in the material, which naturally, is unacceptable in a Rolls-Royce.”