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Rolls-Royce Reveals Their Most Luxurious Bespoke Motor Cars Of 2017

Elevating Bespoke To Unprecedented Heights

One of the reasons why Rolls-Royces remains the crème de la crème of luxury motor cars is their ability customise their cars to fit every client’s whim and fancy, no matter how outrageous or complex the request. Known for its hand-built bespoke and luxury car designs, their cars have often been used for driving dignitaries and royals.

Last year marked one of the most significant years for bespoke design in the marque’s 114-year history. A total of 3,362 cars commissioned by customers in almost 50 countries around the world in 2017. Here are some of the most magnificent designs that were created.



The unnamed client’s vision for this vision of beauty was for a coachbuilt two-seater coupé featuring a large panoramic glass roof. The Rolls-Royce design team developed a car based on the coach-built Rolls-Royces of the 1920s and 1930s, while also incorporating secret compartments to store the client's belongings and favourite luxury items.

Though Rolls-Royce declined to provide its exact value, reports have priced the Sweptail at between $12,800,000 and $13,000,000. 

The Ghost Elegance


Commissioned for an individual collector, the Ghost ‘Elegance’ is the first motor car to be finished in a paint infused with diamonds. The unique paint incorporates 1,000 diamonds crushed to form a very fine powder, giving the finished panels unmatched lustre and sparkle.


New Phantom and The Gallery

The all-new Rolls-Royce Phantom featured The Gallery, a lavish reinvention of the motor car’s dashboard and instrument panel. Presenting artwork within the car, an application of glass runs uninterrupted across the fascia. Giving car personalisations a new meaning, customers can not curate their own gallery on wheels.


From the world’s first diamond car to the to In-built customized artworks, these were the most outrageously magnificent bespoke designs created by Rolls-Royce last year


Dawn and Wraith at Porto Cervo

In honour of the launch of Rolls-Royce’s Summer Studio in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, two motor cars were commissioned to capture the essence of this beguiling island. Dawn adopted a nautical theme, evoking emotions of a languid Mediterranean sojourn.

Porto Cervo Dawn Sapphires

The Porto Cervo motif, encrusted with genuine Sapphires and Mother of Pearl, is embedded into the front facia of the motor car. The navy blue and arctic white hues complement an expanse of teak, including the decking and floor.

The Porto Cervo Wraith playfully emulates Sardinia’s night time ambience. A two-tone Diamond Black exterior is contrasted with gloss and matt paint applications, while black woven leather door panniers infer Wraith Black Badge’s dark and complex character, under the night sky.