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Sustainable Solution: Bentley's Driving Simulator to Reduce CO2 Emissions

Bentley revolutionises vehicle development. 

Bentley Motors is revolutionising the way luxury cars are developed with the introduction of their new Compact Full Spectrum Driving Simulator. Set to be housed at the prestigious Dream Factory in Crewe, this innovative driving simulator marks a significant step towards sustainability in the automotive industry. Designed to offer a sustainable alternative to physical testing, the driving simulator will significantly reduce the need for real-world road miles covered by Bentley engineers during the development phase. This move underscores Bentley's commitment to environmental responsibility while maintaining their reputation for crafting the world's most sought-after luxury cars.

One of the key features of the driving simulator is its ability to accurately assess various elements crucial to vehicle comfort, including ride comfort, cabin acoustics, vibration, and seat development. By emulating different road surfaces, such as potholes and bumps, the simulator provides insights into vehicle response, allowing engineers to fine-tune designs long before physical prototypes are created.

Installed at Bentley's Crewe campus, this pioneering technology is expected to yield significant environmental benefits. It is projected to save approximately 85 tonnes of CO2 emissions and up to 350 days of traditional road testing per vehicle prototype. Developed by VI-grade, a leading global simulator specialist based in Italy, the compact system will play a vital role in the development of Bentley's future range of battery electric vehicles.

Dr Matthias Rabe, Member of the Board for Engineering, Bentley Motors, said: “Beyond its technical capabilities, the Dynamic Driving Simulator brings substantial sustainability benefits, reducing the need for both physical prototypes and extensive physical tests, the latter often involving cars and colleagues shipped to remote locations around the world. As our customers would expect, the system will also play a key part in defining the luxury experience associated with every Bentley car.”

Charlie Smith, Virtual Vehicle Engineer at Bentley Motors, added: "The introduction of the first, all-encompassing ride frequency driving simulator at Bentley is a key moment for us. This state-of-the-art system represents a significant advancement in our virtual development capabilities and will allow us to refine core Bentley attributes in a dynamic, driver-in-the-loop virtual environment for the first time. It offers unprecedented precision, ensuring that every Bentley delivers the unparalleled luxury and performance our customers demand. This simulator is a strategic step towards accelerating our product development cycle, minimising reliance on physical prototypes and enhancing simulation capabilities.”

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