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The All-Electric Lexus UX 300e Comes To Singapore

It's time to think green when it comes to our roads.


While there have been many, many downsides to the COVID-19 global pandemic, one slight upside is that as the world hit the reset button and stayed at home to save lives, the environment was given a much-needed and much-unprecedented chance to revive and refresh. With that in mind, it seems only fitting that Lexus have finally launched their very first all-electric car in Singapore. 

Although new to the electric world, Lexus have been a market leader in hybrid technology for over 15 years and have used this experience to deliver what they call a pioneer in-vehicle technology. So in terms of said technology, what exactly is this car all about and what does it deliver?  Well, for this new launch, Lexus have maintained the design and utility features of the compact SUV range alongside their legendary luxury driving sensation. In terms of facts, we are talking about:


  • The UX 300e is designed with a practical driving range of 300 km (WLTP), that’s easily 5 days of driving for a typical Singaporean driver for each full charge.
  • With Acceleration Pitch Control, the UX 300e’s powerful acceleration is highly responsive yet thoughtfully engineered for a smooth and controllable ride. 
  • For engaging performance in Singapore’s stop-start traffic and navigating winding roads, the UX 300e’s deceleration can be controlled in four levels using the paddle shifters located behind the steering wheel, allowing the drivers to minimise use of mechanical brakes and heighten the level of energy recovery.
  • Drive Mode select function enables smooth acceleration and deceleration according to road conditions and driver intentions. Drivers can experience the powerful acceleration and instant torque of the EV powertrain, and deceleration while enjoying a natural on-road feel.
  • High-performance levels of the GA-C platform are enhanced with additional braces and optimisation of the shock absorbers’ damping force to match the dynamic changes of electrification.
  • Excellent dynamic performance thanks to the low center of gravity resulting from motor and battery placement beneath the vehicle body that optimizes the front/rear weight distribution.

Speaking of the recent launch,  Jasmmine Wong, CEO of Inchcape Greater China and Singapore (Borneo Motors, Champion Motors, Inchcape Automotive services) said: “We are excited to debut the first all-electric UX 300e on Earth Day. We believe that Singapore is gearing up to expand its EV infrastructures and the UX 300e will offer accessible all-electric technology with this latest addition. The UX 300e also marks the beginning of a new electrified era here at Lexus. In the coming years, Lexus endeavours to further evolve driving performance and pleasure, and fundamentally transform the essence of luxury vehicles of the future. Additionally, we are proud to announce the debut of KINTO SHARE by Lexus Financial Services. Together, we will offer drivers in Singapore an alternative way to experience the Lexus brand and its wide range of full hybrid electric models. As the world and Singapore shift towards electrification, we aim to empower drivers to make the transition by offering them a platform that provides the experience of driving a Lexus hybrid or electric car at a minimal cost.”





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