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The Best Cars Of 2017

From BMW to Maserati, which new cars made our list this year.

BMW 5 Series

Did you know that the BMW 5 Series is the best-selling BMW in Singapore? So, it comes as no surprise that 2017 saw a revamp of this classic. What's new? Well, connectivity is the name of the game for the new editions, boasting the fact that they are the first car on sale to offer Apple CarPlay wirelessly. There's also the offer of a diesel engine for the more basic options which makes for an interesting twist. 

Maserati Levante

Maserati have finally gone where Porsche, BMW and even Bentley have gone before them with an SUV, creating their version called the Maserati Levante. Big, beautiful and brilliantly powerful, this car was billed as the release of the year. 


Bentley Mulsanne

Ah, the Bentley Mulsanne - the very pinnacle of luxury motoring. This year, the classic Bentley Mulsanne got a fresh turn with wood panelled interiors, full leather seats and even 14-way electrical seats making this possibly the most comfortable car on the roads.





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