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The Lamborghini Miura turns 50

It’s fabulous, it’s fast and it’s fifty

They say all good things come with time and never has a truer word been spoken than in the case of the Lamborghini Miura as the famed Italian speed car prepares to turn 50 this year.

First unveiled in March 1971 at the Geneva Motor Show, the Miura SV  (V stands for veloce which in English means super-fast) was made to replace the original S version but it seems that Lamborghini fans can’t get enough of the speed offered by the SV and it actually ended up replacing it.

The Miura SV has an official top speed of over 290 km/h and can cover a kilometre in under 24 seconds.

Considered the very best example of the ‘supercar’ concept and the very best of all of the Miura versions, the Miura SV quickly became the most sought-after production car made by Lamborghini. When it comes to what’s under the bonnet, the SV’s engine delivered more power than any other car of its time with an HP of 385 and thanks to its improved torque, was far easier to drive than other cars of its speed.

When it comes to design, the famed Lamborghini ‘eyelashes’ were left off the Miura SV for no other reason than Ferruccio Lamborghini knew how time-consuming this step was and wanted to keep up with the high demand so decided to leave them off this design. Inside the car, the finish has always been more modern and elaborate than other designs thanks to leather upholstery and chromed details.