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The Yachting World’s Best-kept Secret

Monte Carlo Yachts may be a relatively new name in the yachting industry, but it has the chops to back it up.

  • MCY 80

    MCY 80

  • MCY 105 Saloon

    MCY 105 Saloon

  • MCY 105 Exterior

    MCY 105 Exterior

  • MCY105 Galley

    MCY105 Galley

  • MCY105 Cabin

    MCY105 Cabin

  • MCY 70 Saloon

    MCY 70 Saloon

  • MCY 70 Cabin

    MCY 70 Cabin

  • MCY 70 Helm Station

    MCY 70 Helm Station

    Founded in 2008, MCY focuses on creating what it terms ‘future classics,’ designs that are not only innovative but will also stand the test of time.

    When it comes to boats, buyers are spoilt for choice with some of the more easily recognised names in the industry, but if you’re looking for something outside of the ordinary, Monte Carlo Yachts (MCY) is the yachting world’s best-kept secret.

    Founded in 2008, MCY focuses on creating what it terms ‘future classics,’ designs that are not only innovative but will also stand the test of time. Monte Carlo Yachts is part of Groupe Beneteau. Founded in 1884 and listed on the Paris stock exchange since 1984, Beneteau is a respected shipbuilder that first started out by building fishing trawlers.

    At the helm of Monte Carlo Yachts is Carla Demaria, who also happens to be a member of the board of directors at Groupe Beneteau and general manager of Beneteau since 2011. Demaria was the face that launched Monte Carlo Yachts and has been its president since foundation. She was also appointed president of the board of UCINA (Italian Yachting Federation) in 2015.

    To those in the know, MCY has some of the most readily identifiable yachts. is is largely due to two main design cues: porthole-style windows and Portuguese bows. In the eight years since its founding, the shipyard has built several award- winning yachts, including the MCY 76. MCY works with one of the most famous yacht-design studios in the world, Nuvolari Lenard.

    “Together with Monte Carlo Yachts, we came onto the market with production boats when boats were really standard when it comes to customisation. Even in their interiors, they used the same type of fabrics for their curtains and sofas. And we proposed building boats where you could customise all of the interiors. It wasn’t so much us stealing clients from other yards as it was enticing people who never had a boat to buy one from us — the type of people who couldn’t believe the boats on the market before didn’t offer proper customisation,” says Dan Lenard, one half of Nuvolari Lenard.

    Federico Peruccio, marketing manager of Monte Carlo Yachts, says: “Right at the start we knew that we would be meeting a different class of clients than other traditional brands. Clients who are already customising every other aspect of their life, from their cars, private jets and homes. There was no point, even from the 65ft yacht level, to propose a fixed solution with only a couple of customisation choices, when they deserve the very best solutions that are adapted to their every need. Both MCY and Nuvolari Lenard need to really go in and look in-depth at what each individual client might need and build a shape for the yachts that would allow a level of customisation that other brands can’t give.”

    Another reason why Monte Carlo Yachts keeps receiving awards for its fleet is the use of a never- before-seen modular construction process, which was inspired by the lean manufacturing concept. Individual units and rooms for each yacht are built separately first outside the hull, then fused together only near the end of the assembling process.

    Through this system, the shipyard is capable of meticulously making the smallest design and décor adjustments, as well as implementing solutions to vibration transmission, thus lowering future noise levels in the interior rooms once complete. e modular construction system also allows Monte Carlo Yachts to minimise dead spaces between units that would otherwise be necessary to afford workers room to work.

    Systems and technologies used in the building of each ship were also created to minimise environmental impacts that might be incurred during production. All of the ship’s parts from the hull to the flybridge are assembled using an infusion process. This method drastically reduces emissions into the environment and makes it safer for workers within the complex.

    The process also lowers the ship’s overall weight by an estimated 10 per cent. This, combined with other technical innovations in propulsion, results in a decrease in fuel consumption when it is out at sea. In addition, each of MCY’s ships is built with light core materials and aluminium structures (in place of traditional fibreglass composite), which are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

    On what differentiates Monte Carlo Yachts from other yacht builders, Demaria says: “Monte Carlo Yachts is Italian but possesses an inherent international DNA. is combination makes the shipyard uniquely suited to meet the new global demand for functionality and responsibility in luxury goods, which must of necessity become objects that are a simple pleasure to use.”

    Monte Carlo Yachts is brokered by Simpson Marine in Asia. Established in Hong Kong in 1984 by Mike Simpson as a yacht sales and charter company, it is widely regarded as playing a pioneering role in the development of the yachting industry in Asia.

    For enquiries on Monte Carlo Yachts, visit or

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