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Top 5 Luxury Cars You Need To Own In 2018

Cruise into the new year in these hot new cars you need to add to your collection in 2018.

This year is set to be monumental for motor enthusiasts. As usual, an amazing array of cars are set to launch, although 2018 will hold a lot of firsts for some of the biggest names in the game.

We are going to look at the top 5 luxury cars we think will grab your imagination and tickle your fancy in 2018. From exotic sports cars, luxurious grand tourers, to the biggest and baddest super SUVs, there is a lot to look forward to in the year ahead. As the way the market it, SUVs are becoming the biggest sellers for many brands, as such they take up three spots on our roster. However, we love two-doors and we’ve thrown in a couple for good measure, including our most anticipated car so far for 2018.


For the Bond lover out there, Aston Martin recently revealed their latest Vantage model. All new for 2018, the sports car is similar visually to the DB10 from the latest Spectre film. Their collaboration with Mercedes-Benz means the car comes equipped with an AMG 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, which has been uniquely tuned by the team in Gayden. It also means gone are the days of the dodgy old Volvo equipped infotainment systems and instead of a more modern Mercedes COMMAND system. Expect a 0-100 kmh time of around 3.6 seconds from the 503 horsepower engine. This is our most anticipated car of 2018 and from a driving perspective will likely take the technological gains that were made on the DB11 to the next level.


Having seen the new Continental GT in the flesh, I can honestly say it looks sexy in a way Bentleys haven’t looked for years. The previous iteration was a good looking car, especially in its later variants, but it was never sexy. The new car’s curves and wider body means you’ll get more head turns than you know what to do with. Add to that a luxurious cabin, reliably fast engine (626 horsepower W-12) and a tonne of tech and this is inarguably the best luxury grant tourer money can buy.


The bull charges onto the scene with its first SUV in more than 20 years. Seeing it in the flesh, the Urus is unmistakeably a Lamborghini and a much larger one that I first expected based on previous images. You can just about fit four adults comfortably into the 650 horsepower machine. They are sure to have the ride of their life, hitting 100 kmh in 3.6 seconds and continuing on to an SUV record-setting 305 kmh. It also happens to be the first turbocharged Lamborghini. Be prepared to have a lot of fun both on road and off when the Urus arrives.


The best selling Porsche is coming to a shore near you in 2018 in its third iteration. The SUV that has defined sports car performance with 4X4 abilities is back and with an updated interior, engine, and chassis, it is sure to be a top contender in the category. Expect reliability and top of the range entertainment and off-road technology. Not to forget that you are in a vehicle built by the same people that produce the iconic 911, expect ferocious on-road performance – especially from the 550 horsepower Turbo model.


The Spirit of Ecstacy will be flying a little higher than usual as Rolls Royce has decided to jump on the SUV bandwagon. I can’t blame them really. Pretty much every other luxury car manufacturer is now producing them, and they quickly become their bestselling model. Not a lot is currently known about this model, but expect a big V12 engine sourced from BMW, a large body and a lot of weight. It will also probably be the most expensive and luxurious SUV on the market when it arrives in late 2018.

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